Texas Barn Finds: Five Pre-War Vehicles and Twice Used Trailer

by Mariah Prescott
HotRodHotline.com – Article published here

May 13, 2015

In the early 70s, Jack moved to Texas from Wisconsin and tucked his small collection of three Cadillacs, an REO, a Milburn, and a Kozy Trailer away in the barn out back. Like many other car guys, he had the intention of someday pulling them out again and restoring them to their glory but also like many of us never found the time or money.

Today, the cars and trailer have been re-discovered (although were not completely forgotten) and are being listed by local Motostalgia Auctions. Owner Jack is still alive and will attend the auction of his five cars on June 12, 2015 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Continue reading “Texas Barn Finds: Five Pre-War Vehicles and Twice Used Trailer”

Hot Rodders of Tomorrow: All-Female Team Makes History

By Mariah Prescott
HotRodHotline.com – Article published here

April 9, 2015

Back in February, a high school team of young women led by Coach Jill Arata competed at the Race and Performance Expo in St. Charles, Illinois. The team is making history as the first all-girls squad coached by a woman and is the only female team competing this year in the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow events.

The team hails from the automotive department at Belvidere North High School in Belvidere, Illinois and all are in it to prove a point: Women can be grease monkeys too. Continue reading “Hot Rodders of Tomorrow: All-Female Team Makes History”

Poll: Say You Bought this 1934 Ford 3 Window…

By Mariah Prescott
HotRodHotline.com – Article published here

January 13, 2015

Listed for sale in our classified section here, we posted this 1934 Ford 3 Window All-Steel project (or rat rod) on our Facebook page and asked our readers what they would do if they owned this car. The answers ranged from wanting to make it a street rod, to leaving it and possibly putting a coat of matte clear on it. One guy even wanted it as yard art!

Continue reading “Poll: Say You Bought this 1934 Ford 3 Window…”

4th Annual Motorama

by Mariah Prescott
Hotrodhotline.com – Article published here

August 24, 2014

At first glance from atop the small hill overlooking downtown North Adams, it seemed like your typical car show: Main Street was jam packed with cars and people; music from past generations blared from the top of a food truck serving steaming hot dogs and kielbasa dripping with delicious barbecue sauce, even at 9 a.m. But the annual Motorama isn’t your average small-city car show. From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. the sun shone down and the humidity stayed low as the biggest turnout yet of exhibitors gathered in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.

I made my way down the hill through last year’s winners, accompanied by my classic car aficionado, also known as Dad. Some of my earliest memories are from classic car shows, peering under hoods as he held me in his arms. These days he’s my go-to when I have car questions- What year was the split window Corvette made? What are all the models of ’53 Chevy wagons? How does orange peel happen? I only wish I could absorb every fact he tells me. Continue reading “4th Annual Motorama”