Texas Barn Finds: Five Pre-War Vehicles and Twice Used Trailer

by Mariah Prescott
HotRodHotline.com – Article published here

May 13, 2015

In the early 70s, Jack moved to Texas from Wisconsin and tucked his small collection of three Cadillacs, an REO, a Milburn, and a Kozy Trailer away in the barn out back. Like many other car guys, he had the intention of someday pulling them out again and restoring them to their glory but also like many of us never found the time or money.

Today, the cars and trailer have been re-discovered (although were not completely forgotten) and are being listed by local Motostalgia Auctions. Owner Jack is still alive and will attend the auction of his five cars on June 12, 2015 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Jack purchased the 1932 Cadillac Victoria Convertible in the 1960s and of his five cars, it is the rarest. With a 368 V12, this Model 370B beauty is body number 1 of only 4 and according to Jack, it is the prototype. The other three were built with a V16; in the video below, Antonio Brunet, who is the founder of Motostalgia Auctions in Austin, Texas, hints that this one has a V12 as there was no V16 chassis available. The car has had only three owners and has never been on the market before. It has an estimated value of between $285-350,000.

The second Cadillac is a 1933 V12 Town Coupe that all original but has 1932 Cadillac trunk, making it even rarer. The early 30s were a rough time in US history and cars were built with the parts that were available. Jack and his wife showed the ’33 Town Coupe, including at Cadillac & LaSalle Club events, before moving to Texas when it was carefully put away. The car runs and drives and has an estimated worth of between $55-75,000.

The ’23 Milburn 27L is steered with a tiller, no wheel

A little more obscure than the others is a 1923 Milburn. In 1924, GM bought out the competing automaker Milburn and discontinued the electric car factory completely in favor of gas-powered cars. Jack’s 1923 Milburn Electric 27L was the last model ever built. Milburn dates back to 1848 and was making battery powered cars way before it was the “cool” or “green” thing to do. This 27L is able to go 70 miles on one charge and is estimated at upwards of $125,000.

Jack also has a 1908 REO Model G, a “tranformer convertible” meaning it can go from a two-passenger “Boattail  roadster” to a five-passenger touring convertible. It is miraculous that all parts to the car to transform it from a roadster to a sedan are present. The “brass era” car is valued at $75-95,000.

The third Cadillac is a 1938 V16, five-passenger, Series 60 limo. According to the extensive research Jack did on his cars, a five-seater limo is rare and usually they were seven and eight-seater vehicles, as it was a couple who ordered it. The car doesn’t run but is all original and untouched and is only worth $45-65,000.

The collection also includes a 1937 Kozy Coach Travel Trailer, which has only been used twice and has an estimated value upwards of $100,000. Jack bought the in the 70s from a dairy farmer who had only used it once ever the summer of ’37. The second and last time the Deluxe trailer was used was on its way to Texas with Jack. It has been stored for over 40 years and the original Art-Deco woodwork and fabric styling are still intact. 

Photos courtesy of Motostalgia and Yahoo!

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