Poll: Say You Bought this 1934 Ford 3 Window…

By Mariah Prescott
HotRodHotline.com – Article published here

January 13, 2015

Listed for sale in our classified section here, we posted this 1934 Ford 3 Window All-Steel project (or rat rod) on our Facebook page and asked our readers what they would do if they owned this car. The answers ranged from wanting to make it a street rod, to leaving it and possibly putting a coat of matte clear on it. One guy even wanted it as yard art!

Reader Judy Jacobs knew exactly how she wants it: “Chop 3 inches, no fenders, no hood, 392 hemi with blower, fat slicks, chrome frame, very glossy black with tinted windows, simple interior.”

We all sit around and dream as we scroll through the classifieds of Hot Rod Hotline, as well as ebay, craigslist, and more in our free minutes. What are your wildest dreams about this car? Answer the poll above, and, if you’re really feeling it, send us an email of your dreams for this car or another classified on our site at content@hotrodhotline.com.

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