Photo Shoot with Sarah Prescott, Owner of Dog Coach

Sarah, who happens to also be my mom, asked me for a good picture to display on the website of her up and coming business, Dog Coach. Her website (currently under construction) explains her theory: “A positive attitude and patience are key when it comes to dog coaching. I’ll work with you and provide the tools to achieve a calm existence for your dog and a loving companion for you and your family.” 



Getting ready for bed, I just realized that this is my last night sleeping in my own bed for the next eleven months. I’ve had last nights home before leaving for school and for long trips, but I’ve never been away this long. I have an utter lack of words and emotions to express and to describe this lack; this is a huge turning point and I am ready.

I bought a larger suitcase today, attempted to bring order to my room and mess of clothes, and started this blog. After a day at the church picnic and inquiries of a blog, I realized it was necessary and something I want to do. As a writer and a photographer, I have multiple blogs and enjoy using them as creative outlet, but when they become necessity, I hope that it will still carry the spark of fun and not burden. I will do my best to keep it updated with entries, word and photo, but for now, I must enjoy my last night home.

I add that the feature photo of this post is from my day trip to Hamburg from last summer, 2011.