How Discrimination Nearly Stalled a Dual-Language Program in Boston – The Atlantic

“Dual-language programs have been growing in popularity nationally for several years now, spurred on by demand among native speakers of common languages as well as monolingual English speakers who want all the benefits that come from bilingualism.

In Boston, however, it has taken a long time to get enough people—and the right people—to agree Haitian Creole deserved to join Spanish in the public schools’ dual-language program. And it wasn’t only district administrators who had to be convinced. The Haitian community wasn’t entirely on board, either.

“Brain research has shown people who are bilingual perform better on a range of cognitive tasks, and long-term studies of students in dual-language programs show they score higher than their peers on standardized tests by middle school. When it comes to students who show up to school speaking a language other than English, dual-language programs that pair English with their native language have been the only ones shown to remove stubborn achievement gaps between these students and their native-English-speaking peers, according to the leading dual-language researchers Virginia Collier and Wayne Thomas.”

Source: How Discrimination Nearly Stalled a Dual-Language Program in Boston

Leaving for Germany One More Time

Boston > Munich > Cologne > Wermelskirchen

Packing didn’t exactly go as planned. In the weeks before leaving, I laid out all my clothes on the apartment floor, determined to pack perfectly this time around: One pile for California, one pile for storage, one pile for Germany. The furniture was gone and I took over the floor, everything was neat and organized. California outfits packed and wore perfectly. But when Saturday came, the final day, we packed the rest of the apartment into our cars and ran out of time. All prospective outfits were shoved in bags and we headed east to deal with clothes later. Continue reading “Leaving for Germany One More Time”

Photo Shoot with Sarah Prescott, Owner of Dog Coach

Sarah, who happens to also be my mom, asked me for a good picture to display on the website of her up and coming business, Dog Coach. Her website (currently under construction) explains her theory: “A positive attitude and patience are key when it comes to dog coaching. I’ll work with you and provide the tools to achieve a calm existence for your dog and a loving companion for you and your family.”