This Day in Automotive History: First Mustang Introduced at World’s Fair


by Mariah Prescott – Article published here

April 17, 2015

51 years ago, the Mustang came galloping on to the market. A few days before the cars went on sale across the country at dealerships, the 1964 ½ Ford Mustang made its debut at the World’s Fair in Queens, New York City. Lee Iacocca, the Vice President of Ford at the time, introduced the all-new “poor man’s Thunderbird” to the media inside the Ford Pavilion.

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Eric Butler’s 1968 Mustang Wins Inaugural WELD President’s Award

Eric Butler (center) holds his President’s Award from WELD Wheels, which is shaped like a Prostar, one of WELD’s iconic designs.


By Mariah Prescott – Article published here

February 25, 2015

In 1993, Eric Butler’s dad paid $300 for a 1968 Ford Mustang. The family was living in Southern California at the time, and Eric’s dad bought the car for his son. It may have been a rust-free California special, but it had been sitting in a field for six years.  In Eric’s words, “It was a mess.”  These days, it’s a beauty, so much so that it took home the first WELD President’s Award at the Kansas City 2015 O’Reilly’s World of Wheels.

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Poll: Say You Bought this 1934 Ford 3 Window…

By Mariah Prescott – Article published here

January 13, 2015

Listed for sale in our classified section here, we posted this 1934 Ford 3 Window All-Steel project (or rat rod) on our Facebook page and asked our readers what they would do if they owned this car. The answers ranged from wanting to make it a street rod, to leaving it and possibly putting a coat of matte clear on it. One guy even wanted it as yard art!

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Daughter Searches for ’51 Ford to Put Sparkle Back in Dad’s Eye


by Mariah Prescott – Article published here

We all can name a few things that elicit that glint in our parents’ eyes. Any child of a car lover will tell you about that twinkle when dad starts to talk about a car of his. All the memories, the time spent driving and fixing – with some cars more fixing than driving – but that never matters. They’ll tell you stories so detailed, it’s as if you were right there with them.

In October, Hot Rod Hotline received a request from a daughter, Pam, whose father had been battling cancer for the fourth time. She didn’t know if he would beat it again, so she wanted to find him a special Christmas present: a ride in his first car.

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