Smith Coaching Program Earns Highest Ranking

Photo by Mariah Prescott, Article by Abe Loomis – Article published here

June 23, 2014


NH College Notebook: Rye’s Drummond sets Smith College scoring mark | New Hampshire College Notebook

Photo by Mariah Prescott for Smith College Athletics – Article published here
March 2, 2014


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Pioneer Plus, Winter Edition: Traditions

Smith College Department of Athletics and Recreation presents part one of “Traditions,” where we asked captains what rolls traditions play on their team.

Filmed and produced by Mariah Prescott ’14, with assistance from Abe Osheyack, Merric Kallfelz ’14 and thanks to Mark Therrien.

The Holidays Abroad


It’s not warm and it’s not cold and it’s not pleasant. It’s damp. The leaves are old and yellow, bright yellow at this point. They contrast starkly with the gray of the bark, the gray of the sky, the gray of the damp dirt ground. These are the kinds of days in November that trick you. They are ugly but yet there is something magical about them. They come with comfort after the surprise of autumn has worn off; this is the second phase, this is the realization that winter is coming. But you’ve made it to November and threads of the holidays creep in. Happiness comes from plans for the holidays, concoctions in the kitchen, preparations of the colder days to come. Yes, there have been hard frosts and bitter rainy days, but the short respite that comes in these transition days is much welcomed. There’s a slight mist that hangs around the bare branches, making the moisture in the air visible, giving the air that distinct autumnal scent. Continue reading “The Holidays Abroad”