June In Germany

I didn’t travel for most of June, I stayed put and enjoyed as much German culture and landscape as possible. Here’s June in a nutshell. Continue reading “June In Germany”

Christmas Eve Day

IMG_1057Christmas Eve Day I got going early and rode the three kilometers through the beautiful countryside to the supermarket. It felt like Little House on the Prairie leaving Ashton home alone in a one-room cottage, while I ventured out into the unknown wild. It was about 45 degrees Fahrenheit, bright, high clouds, and everything was muddy; it was like an early April Sunday in New England. I wheeled the old bike out of the yard and through the gate with my messenger bag, navigating the oddly paved driveway that combined large flat rocks cemented two inches apart with small pea gravel strewn all over the place, and hopped on the bike. I teetered on the oversized bike, staring at the muddy dirt road and telling myself I had enough skill to stay on. I wasted no time as my pavement-pounding mentality set in- regardless of my winter boots, jeans and cross-over-commuter bike, I zoomed through the countryside of southern Sweden. Continue reading “Christmas Eve Day”