Massachusetts born and raised, creativity started to flow through Mariah’s life early on with nine years of alternative, language arts, and music based education at a Waldorf school. Knitting, painting, violin, woodworking, German, Spanish, theater.

In 2001, Mariah drove across the US with her family. Each member armed with a different camera for six weeks worth of Polaroids of the Grand Canyon, black and white slides of Big Sur, rolls and rolls of Kodak Gold; that’s where it started.

By middle school she was deep into the world of riding horses. She snapped pictures of all the animals, the surrounding landscapes and beyond. Hours at the barn spurred not just hours photographing but wondering how the design of the facility could be made better, dreaming up plans, and drawing elevations. Her passion for architecture grew through high school and became her goal for college alongside her passion for the German language. Mid-high school she transitioned from snapshot point-and-shoot to cracking the code of the DSLR- without the help of a class.

At Smith College, she exchanged riding for rowing and, a surprising choice, let architecture take the backseat and German the front. The camera went everywhere: A year abroad, regattas, friends games and events, out into the woods. And so it continues.

Today Mariah uses photography as an outlet of her ever-present itch for texture, color, light, and shape. She is also an avid gluten-free cook, athlete, traveler, lover of all kinds of music, and writer about all facets of life. In the future she hopes to find an intersection of all things she is passionate about.