June In Germany

I didn’t travel for most of June, I stayed put and enjoyed as much German culture and landscape as possible. Here’s June in a nutshell. Continue reading “June In Germany”

Schützenfest 2016: An Honorary Queen from Boston

Friday night started off slowly and innocently at the Schützenhaus, a sort of clubhouse bungalow with a bar and a hall for shooting. The weather was gray and cool; the atmosphere was a bit awkward as many Germans are before they reach their pleasure plateau six beers in.

About 40 people were there for shooting and grilling, ages ranging from two to 70+. The kids romped and played football/soccer on the adjacent fields, only yowling once in a while when the parent would look in the direction and decide that the kid wasn’t in danger. Under a pavillion, which the village teen boys built out of wood and bricks, the same boys grilled sausages and marinated pork steaks. On a table nearby were sauerkraut, carrot salad, potato salad with ham and pickles, and bread with herbed butter that had been stuffed into bell peppers for decoration. Traditional German picnic benches and tables were set up in the parking lot and we all crowded around – aside from the few who felt it more important to have a few beers inside instead. Continue reading “Schützenfest 2016: An Honorary Queen from Boston”

Academic Accomplishment and Cultural Exchange: American Mariah Prescott teaches for 10 months at the Bothel Wiedau-Schule

“Akademische Leistung und kultureller Austausch: Amerikanerin Mariah Prescott unterrichtet für zehn Monate an der Botheler Wiedau-Schule”

A rough translation for those of you non-German speakers. There were a few liberties taken back at the newspaper office or something was lost in translation during the interview, so I’ve added a few brackets with notes.

“Good morning, boys and girls!“ – “Good morning, Miss Prescott!“ It’s routine since the American, Mariah Prescott, has been at the Wiedau-Schule in Bothel. Since the beginning of September, the 24-year-old Foreign language teaching assistant has been helping out in all classes at the school. Continue reading “Academic Accomplishment and Cultural Exchange: American Mariah Prescott teaches for 10 months at the Bothel Wiedau-Schule”

A Note About Blog Posts

Dear Reader,IMG_1457

Many writers and bloggers can attest to how challenging it can be to make time in everyday life to write. I am no exception. Even though I told many friends and family members that they could rely on my blog to hear about what I am doing and where I am, I have realized that this isn’t realistic and doesn’t produce what I am looking for, it just yields a list of events and facts without much depth. Instead, looking back on events in a reflective manner produces more insightful postings. The problem here though is that, as an artist and ahem perfectionist, I then feel like I can’t be rushed or put a deadline on “how I feel.”

But don’t worry, all those events you may have seen me post photos or heard about in passing have been documented and drafted to be revisited and published when I have sufficiently marinated my thoughts and feelings. Until then, you can follow my daily moves and routine on Instagram and my larger trips on Flikr. I have made a promise to myself that I will indeed post all my drafts by the end of summer 2016 and I intend on keeping that promise.

Blurry snap from the last night of my last trip with aunt, uncle, and cousins

January in a Nutshell

Arriving home from Paris, where it was in the 40s and 50s, I entered a full wintry mix. Ice, snow, sleet, freezing rain. My lovely host mother drove the normally easy 40 minutes to get me in an hour and a half.  The way home was no faster.

School started up again; it was good to be back. Classes now trust and know me, they raise their hands and talk, respect me when I try to keep them on task, and always say hi to me in the hallways. It is a great feeling to see what an influence, however small, I am having on their learning experience.

Continue reading “January in a Nutshell”

Schützenverein Fulde: And on Fridays, We Go Shooting

Down the street , past old brick farmhouses, cows, and corn, is the Schützenverein – a sort of “country club” where you can do some pellet gun target practice and play soccer. Claudia and I pass men playing Fußball (foos-ball) and step inside the newish brick one-story building.  Inside, four kids ages 8-18 are working the bar; we order an Alster (half beer half sprite) each and walk across the tiled floor to the large room next door. I was quite surprised to find myself in what resembled a brightly lit church basement; it was not at all what I pictured a “shooting club” to be like. Continue reading “Schützenverein Fulde: And on Fridays, We Go Shooting”

Leaving for Germany One More Time

Boston > Munich > Cologne > Wermelskirchen

Packing didn’t exactly go as planned. In the weeks before leaving, I laid out all my clothes on the apartment floor, determined to pack perfectly this time around: One pile for California, one pile for storage, one pile for Germany. The furniture was gone and I took over the floor, everything was neat and organized. California outfits packed and wore perfectly. But when Saturday came, the final day, we packed the rest of the apartment into our cars and ran out of time. All prospective outfits were shoved in bags and we headed east to deal with clothes later. Continue reading “Leaving for Germany One More Time”

Summer Comes to a Close

On the 29th of August, I ate my last brunch in the peace of the Berkshire Mountains and packed up my entire life to bring it to my parent’s just north of Boston. Yes, it was harder than I thought and yes, it took way longer than I thought, especially considering what I had done the weeks leading up to my move… Continue reading “Summer Comes to a Close”