Summer Comes to a Close

On the 29th of August, I ate my last brunch in the peace of the Berkshire Mountains and packed up my entire life to bring it to my parent’s just north of Boston. Yes, it was harder than I thought and yes, it took way longer than I thought, especially considering what I had done the weeks leading up to my move…

This summer, I started working as the assistant to a wonderful woman and role model who is an automotive journalist, Sue Mead.  I wrote up specs, read media kits, and helped her keep up with her workload. But a week or so after we started working together, she called me and asked if I wanted to go to a Volvo USA event and drive the new 2016 Volvo 60 Series cars – it would be good for me to see how these events work, she said. The only hitch and reason why I said I had to think about it, is that the event was in California and was the week before I left for Germany. When I hung up the phone, I knew I just had to go; there were no two ways about it.

Volvo S60 Sedan, Polstar Racing Edition in Sausalito

On Wednesday, August 26th, I woke up at 3 am and headed for the Bay Area. I met fellow journalists, I met those who worked in the industry but didn’t like cars (nothing new to me), and most importantly, I drove the Volvos. You can read about my upcoming post here.

Before I even left for California, I headed  to the farm where my partner and I had a farm share and picked tomatoes – a five-gallon bucket full – and then I attempted to make as much sauce as possible while packing and juggling ten different things.

In the previous weeks, my parents came to visit with their two dogs, truck, and trailer to pick up our furniture that was going to my brother’s new apartment. We also house sat, hosted friends, and enjoyed every last minute of my time in the States.

Writing this, I have been in Germany for only one week, but thinking back on the past few weeks makes my head explode. Here’s to another great summer!

Ashton at Caretaker Farm after picking in the fields before sunset

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