Daughter Searches for ’51 Ford to Put Sparkle Back in Dad’s Eye


by Mariah Prescott
HotRodHotline.com – Article published here

We all can name a few things that elicit that glint in our parents’ eyes. Any child of a car lover will tell you about that twinkle when dad starts to talk about a car of his. All the memories, the time spent driving and fixing – with some cars more fixing than driving – but that never matters. They’ll tell you stories so detailed, it’s as if you were right there with them.

In October, Hot Rod Hotline received a request from a daughter, Pam, whose father had been battling cancer for the fourth time. She didn’t know if he would beat it again, so she wanted to find him a special Christmas present: a ride in his first car.

Back in 1953, Pam’s father Al was in the service in Texas when he bought his first car, a 1951 Ford Business Coupe. Part of the story that stuck with Pam is that the coupe didn’t have a back seat when he bought it because it was a salesman’s car. He put a back seat in it and drove for nine years.

We have put out requests and tried to make plans to get a ride but with little success, so we are appealing to you, dear readers. The car should be located near Connecticut and Pam will pay for an afternoon out. If you or someone you know is willing to hire their car out, have them email us. Although this won’t be a Christmas present anymore, he is going strong and Pam would like to arrange a ride this coming spring.

Photo via Flikr

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