Day Trip: Salzburg, Austria


With our EuroRail passes, we added a few extra days of travel so we could do day trips. We already had purchased Germany, Denmark, and Austria (and Ashton had France because she took the train to Hamburg first) so adding days of travel isn’t tooo much more expensive and was well worth it. In Sweden, we took day trips to Stockholm and Copenhagen with the train, and in Austria, we just took one to Salzburg.

Unlike many European cities, the train station in Salzburg is quite a bit of a walk from the city center – especially when it’s raining and you’re not prepared for it. We made it to the city center and then I dragged Ashton a bit further to a cafe I visited in the summer of 2011 with my aunt and cousins, Cafe Bazar. It is a traditional Viennese Coffee House, where you can read many international newspapers, drink very good coffee, and eat delicious pastries as well as other food. It really is one of my favorite European cafes and I can’t wait to go back.

After getting caffeinated, we walked across the river and to a (surprise surprise) art museum – Museum der Moderne. There, I had my first real history lesson on Cuba.  The exhibition, titled “Che Guevara: Bilder der Revolution” [Pictures of the Revolution] was almost entirely black and white photos, many candids, of Cuba, Che, and Castro from the Skrein Photo Collection. After doing a little research and looking back on the show, Christian Skrein was a Viennese photographer who captured much of the Cuban Revolution and published them in a book. Skrein was quite the photographer and captured many celebrities from the Beatles to Grace Kelly. The exhibit was great; even better was realizing the lack of Cuban history in US schools and how… biased the opinions on the country have been.


Colorful charming buildings
Tuesday market
Narrow streets, cute shops, and Christmas decorations still up made for a cheery atmosphere, even with the rain

After having our fill of art, we meandered around the old city center, Altstadt, and back to the other side of the river where we had tea in the cafe of Mozart’s birthplace. By then it was quite rainy and we were damp and tired. So we pushed through to see the city, but then headed back to catch a train back to Vienna.  IMG_1252
IMG_1255 IMG_1258 IMG_1259 IMG_1260


Salzburg train station


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