An Afternoon in Malmö, Overnight to Vienna


We set off from our little carriage house early and spent some time exploring Malmö before taking the train to Copenhagen and then taking an overnight, 23-hour train to Vienna via Frankfurt.

In Malmö, Ashton and I had our first cranky disagreement when we tried to find a restaurant in the city park. No one seemed to know what we were talking about, my phone GPS didn’t work, and when we did find the garden and “restaurant,” it was a seasonal outdoor cafe. So we set off for the city center with tired feet and quite a bit hangry. I snapped this picture of the park, but also of Ashton stalking ahead of me.


In the cute city center we found a crowded cafe for a snack before heading on to the modern art museum, Moderna Museet Malmö.  

The building has striking architecture and vibrant orange color that is continued inside in the cafe and gift shop. (The woman next to us even matched the decor.)  A wonderful experience, the galleries were beautiful with cool, edgy art. We stopped for som delicious soup and bread before heading on our way to the train station.

In Copenhagen, we met our sleeper train and pulled out our tickets to check what car our beds were in. Thirty-seven. We walked up and down the platform looking for our car, but when we got to number thirty-six the next train car was thirty-eight. So we found the conductor and walked up and down the platform with her and others who were looking for the car but without success; she told us that this isn’t anything new and that they just sometimes “forget” to send all the cars and as conductor she just has to deal with it. So she told us all to get on the train and as she checked people in she found us all places to stay.

She led us to a cabin and knocked on the door. A mom and dad with two toddlers were already inside and had paid for the whole cabin with four beds even though they only needed two. But the conductor told them that there was a shortage and that she needed to place us in their cabin. The mother was quite unhappy at the idea of two strangers sleeping near her two kids and tried to throw a fit but the conductor just said, ‘Sorry, ma’am. I will give you the information for a refund.’ We squeezed into the cabin with our luggage and winter coats, nodding and giving a friendly smile to the mother before making a beeline for the dining car. We figured we could leave them in peace and not feel awkward imposing on their space.

So we got wine in the dining car and chatted. And chatted, and chatted. Eventually we got tired and crept into the cabin while the family slept. The train rolled through many stations as the night passed, waking up and listening to the German cities to figure out where we were. In Frankfurt, we got off early in the morning to switch trains. After a long day of sitting on the ICE (Intercity Express) and watching the countryside fly by we arrived in Vienna and took a taxi to our next Airbnb.

A wonderful apartment, we were met by the caretaker and let out a huge sigh of relief to be to our next place.


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