Day Trip: Lund, Sweden

Lund Cathedral at night

December 27, 2012: Took two buses a few towns over to Lund and explored the old culture and beautiful city. Definitely worth another visit.

From our cozy little carriage house near Staffanstorp to the city of Lund wasn’t far, but with the bus, it seemed pretty far. In comparison to distance and transport at home, it wouldn’t be much more different than driving versus taking the bus from Northampton (Massachusetts) to Amherst. Our day started before sunrise as usual, but that’s not hard to do in Northern Europe during winter, and began with a ten-minute walk through the silent hamlet,  we were staying in. The traditional stucco houses with clay tile roofs, enclosed by cute garden fences only 2-3′ tall, the little village was surrounded by fields for miles. 

In Lund, we wandered the streets looking at the beautiful old, old buildings brimming with European charm. We explored the campus of the university and made our way (of course) to the art museum, Skissernas Museum. The collection included a wide variety of sketches and unfinished versions of famous works, as well as “finished” pieces but all were edgy in a way that you would expect from a small, Swedish art museum. The temporary exhibits were an interactive one that used computers and thought input and the other was a geometric, three-dimension and prism-related show. Overall, we had a great time.

Source: Skissernas Museum, “Om Museet” 

When we finished at the museum it was already dark out. We left the museum and walked back to the center of the city for a bite to eat before taking the bus back. Unfortunately, we got a bit too hungry while focusing on the art and I had a hanger attack; thankfully, Ashton came to the rescue and quickly found a cute basement cafe and got me some food.

We took the bus and arrived in Staffanstorp (?) where we needed to switch bus lines but for some reason (did we miscalculate the time? did we see the bus and not get on? did the bus not come? I can’t remember) we had to wait almost an hour for the next bus to come. So we walked around the town a bit and wandered into the grocery store where we bought chocolate and… pear cider. While Ashton took a bite of every chocolate (learned this is how she eats boxes of chocolates) I tried the Swedish pear cider and froze my paws off trying to hold the cold glass bottle. Thank goodness I had my great nana’s fur coat because it may have been pretty warm (40ish degrees Fahrenheit) during the day but at night, it dipped below 20 without the sun.

Finally, the bus came and we took it the 15-20 minutes back to Kyrkheddinge and then walked 10 minutes from the stop to the carriage house. Another day down and another part of Europe explored.

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