Christmas Day in Sweden


With no other real reason to get up, I decided to attempt a Christmas breakfast; I had secretly bought gluten-free pancake mix the day before with the hopes of conjuring home holiday spirit.  Although it was nice to have something homey, the gluten-free blobs were extra tasteless without syrup or jam or home, so we made do with crunchy peanut butter, courtesy of Mrs. Fancy. The day wasn’t anything special, filled with hot chocolate, Christmas movies, relaxing, and a wonderful walk through the countryside before sunset around 3. The whole experience was surreal. We’d look at each other and say, “Can you believe we’re in Sweden? This is wild.”


We cooked ourselves a small dinner, Skyped with our families, took a nice walk through the countryside and watched more Christmas movies, “to make it feel more like Christmas.” And when the loneliness crept in, we started dreaming of next Christmas: “Christmas 2013 is going to be out of control. Can we plan a dinner party for our friends? What about hand making cards for strangers?” We already spent a holiday away from family in an exotic place, so next year is about all the things we didn’t and couldn’t do while away. There are many charming Scandinavian Christmas and winter traditions that we want to incorporate into our US Christmases.

At the end of the holiday, I was thankful to spend an unforgettable Christmas in the countryside of Sweden with such a great friend.

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