Christmas Begins


Last Christmas, I told my parents I wouldn’t be coming home from Germany at all, not even for winter break. I was adamant about it; I thought everyone just stayed through the break. It was also something I never in a million years would have considered before- ask anyone who knew me growing up. So fall semester in Germany ticked along, I had no idea what I would do for break. Then one of my best friends, who is studying in Paris, offered a half-joking idea of going to Vienna and renting an apartment. From there our plans went wild. We considered apartments in Belgium, Greece, Germany, Russia, France, Switzerland, etc. etc. etc. And here I am, writing this post from the countryside of southern Sweden.


So on Thursday morning bright and early, I picked Ashton up at the train station from her overnight from Paris. We spent a lovely day drinking coffee, discussing the world’s issues, and laughing at every little thing like good friends should. I showed her my favorite falafel place where I’ve already used up two frequent-buyer stamp cards, gave her an overview tour of lovely Hamburg, and introduced her to German mulled wine, Glühwein. We somehow managed to fit an extra mattress into my closet of a room and fell asleep talking as if we were at a middle school sleepover again. Friday we packed up and made several attempts to get out and do something, but in the end chose drinking coffee and talking about everything we missed the day before. ‘I wonder if we’ll run out of things to talk about in the next two weeks…’






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